A list of Media Central headlines (1999-2000)

Media Central was a news website operated by IndustyClick, the Internet division of Primedia, Inc. of New York, NY.

IndustryClick operated several news sites from its headquarters in Kansas City, Mo., including Media Central, AgriClick and MarketingClick.

Media Central was based in Kansas City from 1999 until 2001, when its operations  moved to Princeton, N.J. The website closed shortly after that move.

Most of Media Central’s articles are no longer available on the web.

Rod Perlmutter, the former news editor of Media Central, wrote and edited the articles listed below

Articles are listed by date posted and headlines.

– – – – – –

10.15.99; FCC willing to postpone some regs for Y2K compliance

10.19.99; FCC to fine Qwest $2M for slamming

The regulator proposed the fine for slamming the illegal practice of switching consumers’ preferred telephone carriers without their consent. One of the 30 complaints was from a consumer who said Qwest switched his service based on an authorized “signed” by Boris, his dead dog.

10.22.99; Subcommittee passes bill to defend against hackers

The bill would require federal agencies to standardize IT security practices, but offers only $750,000 for computer security fellowships over two years.

10.25.99; House may OK e-signature bill this week

The bill would allow consumers and businesses to use electronic signatures when making online transactions. An electronic contract would be the same as a written contract.

10.26.99; House passes ‘Made in America’ bill The bill, which has died repeatedly in the Senate, would create a self-financing toll-free phone number to provide consumers with information on what products are made in America. Manufacturers would participate on a voluntary basis, and fraudulent marketing information would produce a $7,500 fine.

10.30.99; Two e-signature bills held from vote

The debate is between those who are pushing to remove what they see as archaic barriers to e-commerce that could hinder America’s economy, and those who fear that current legislation will strip consumer protection laws and increase Internet fraud.

11.01.99; House may vote today on E-sign bill

11.02.99; House e-signature bill vote fails

11.02.99; Hearing to decide if Mayflower gets Success

A bankruptcy judge will decide if the North Carolina company, the only bidder for the assets of Success magazine, can buy its assets for $5 million.

11.02.99; FCC adopts rules on DSL access

The regulator said the rule will help ISPs to buy DSL services in bulk from local carriers, and that will result in lower prices for high-speed service to consumers.

11.04.99; Violence erupts against journalists in Asia

The World Association of Newspapers called for Myanmar and Sri Lanka to investigate the intimidation, imprisonment, and, in three cases, murders of journalists.

11.04.99; Judge approves sale of Success to Mayflower

11.10.99; Success has new publisher and renewed focus

Mayflower Capital said it wants the magazine to replace its “lifestyle” approach with a focus on “mentoring.”

11.10.99; Regulators stop unlicensed Massachusetts station

Regulators said Radio Unidadcristian ignored four warnings to quit broadcasting without a license.

11.18.99; FCC orders local carriers to share lines for DSL

The commission said the rule promotes competition for broadband services, but local carriers said it would discourage them from developing their own.

11.29.00; Playboy, DOJ will argue before Supreme Court

The magazine challenged the Telecommunications Act of 1996 provision that banned adult entertainment on cable TV during day hours.

12.02.99; Ex-con author found guilty of attempted murder

12.06.99; Damark settles complaint with Minnesota

12.08.99; Judge rhymes to refute a Yuletide lawsuit

In response to a lawsuit that claimed that when the government made Christmas a legal public holiday, it violated the First Amendment separation of church and state, a federal judge in Cincinnati wrote a nine-stanza poem.

12.10.99; Primedia pursues new media by JVs, ad deals

12.14.99; Cartoonist Charles Schulz to retire in January

12.16.99; Bradley, McCain sign pledge on campaign finances

12.21.99; Law enforcers target web pyramid schemes

12.22.99; Reid gets 18 years for robbery, attempted murder

12.22.99; Who were the century’s top business journalists?

12.22.99; Bell Atlantic allowed to offer long distance

For the first time since the 1984 break-up of AT&T, a “Baby Bell” was allowed to provide long distance service in its own region.

12.23.99; Rocker’s remarks rock NY and Atlanta

New York newspapers and talk shows had a field day with a Sports Illustrated profile of Atlanta Braves Pitcher John Rocker, who condemned the Big Apple as a city of criminals, “queers and foreigners.” His remarks upset his teammates, the league, and Atlanta commentators as well.

12.23.99; Agence France Presse’s 5-year plan stymied

12.27.99; Candidates to receive $34M in matching funds

Contributions to Al Gore outpaced those to other presidential wannabes, but trailed George W. Bush, who chose not to accept funds and FEC limits.

12.27.99; Goldenson, founder of ABC, dies at 94

He was praised for taking the fourth place “blue network” in 1951 and turning it into a billion-dollar enterprise.

12.28.99; Nine Network’s New Year’s Eve plans thwarted

Australian broadcaster wanted exclusive rights to broadcast the millennium’s first New Year’s celebration, but a court said the American network ABC could air the event as well.

12.30.99; FEC invites comments on web’s role in politics

12.30.99; Journalists killed in 1999 almost double 1998

01.04.00; Cartoonists bid farewell to ‘Peanuts’

Cartoonists and editorialists paid tribute to Charles Schulz, whose last original daily cartoon appeared in 2,600 newspapers on Jan. 4, 2000.

01.05.00; FEC extends comment period on web politics

01.05.00; Candidates to hold five debates in six days

The article listed venues and times of presidential debates.

01.05.00; Village Voice, other weeklies bought by investors

Stern Publishing, which owned the Voice, said some of its executives and an outside investment firm were buying that publication and seven other alternative weeklies.

01.06.00; Excerpts from Gore-Bradley debate

01.07.00; Trump plans TV ads, blasts debate decision

01.07.00; GOP presidential debate excerpts

01.10.00; AOL-Time Warner critics focus on cable and access

01.10.00; Andrews named CEO of IndustryClick

Tim Andrews, the president of the Factiva business services company, was named as IndustryClick’s CEO.

* When asked whether he could maintain his Princeton, N.J. residency and still manage a company based in Kansas City, he replied, “Business is global now….I don’t think location is necessary a disadvantage…. I certainly don’t think every employee has to be in the same city. Remember, Factiva had most of its 750 people split between New Jersey and London, and we also had offices in 30 countries around the world. After that, I don’t get too scared about coordinating people in two or three cities across the U.S.”

(Editor’s note: Four months later, Andrews announced that IndustryClick was relocating to Princeton, N.J.)

01.11.00; Kroger supermarkets to cover Cosmopolitan

The grocery chain said it was installing racks that covered everything but the magazine’s title, because of complaints about “lurid” headlines.

01.11.00; Will megamergers cramp free speech?

01.12.00; Most broadcasters are V-chip ready

An FCC task force said the largest broadcast and cable networks are encoding their programs to interact with a TV microchip that parents can use to block objectionable programs. A non-profit group said the chip is a “Trojan horse” because it does nothing to prevent networks from airing indecent “antifamily garbage.”

01.12.00; WAN protests prosecution of Iranian journalist

01.13.00; Canadian extras, miffed at ACTRA, merge with guild

01.18.00; Chechnya, elections put spotlight on Russian media

01.19.00; Wal-Mart argues before Supreme Court on knockoffs

01.20.00; FTC cracks down on HIV tests sold over web

01.21.00; Reilly, Patrick honored by sportswriters group

01.25.00; Supreme Court upholds campaign contribution limit

01.21.00; FCC seeks comment on Bell Atlantic web spinoff plan

01.21.00; Canada’s subsidy plan for NHL falls apart

01.24.00; Most NH papers make picks, but not so in Iowa

01.31.00; FCC seeks comments on Bell Atlantic web spinoff plan

01.31.00; Freeserve, Dorling Kindersley in talks

02.01.00; VerticalNet, BT in $227M JV

02.02.00; Software group battles piracy on auction websites

02.03.00; Ford offers employees computers, web for $5/month

02.04.00; Ford computer deal signifies union trend

02.04.00; BizSpace gets $3.5M investment

02.04.00; FCC withdraws noncommercial TV ‘guidelines’

02.07.00; Presidential candidates to get $5.6M in matching funds

02.08.00; Clinton FCC, NEA proposals face opposition

02.09.00; NSSA awards sportswriters in every state

02.10.00; Sweepstakes and game sites grow more popular

02.11.00; Congress considers rural TV loan guarantees

02.13.00; Charles Schulz dies at 77

02.15.00; Thomson to sell more than 130 newspapers

Toronto-based company plans to sell all but its flagship Globe & Mail, and focus on its electronic services business. Most of the newspapers to be sold have circulations of less than 40,000.

02.15.00; Terry Anderson testifies against Iran

02.16.00; House committee passes rural TV loan guarantee bill

02.16.00; Schulz death boosts ‘Peanuts’ book sales

02.17.00; Congress hears attacks on iCraveTV

The Toronto-based webcaster picked up signals from U.S. TV stations and sent them out via the Interent to Canadians. U.S. stations called that piracy.

02.17.00; Broadcasters blast low-power radio proposal

02.17.00; EPA shuts down website after security questions

02.22.00; Tax websites get surge in January

02.22.00; Clinton does poorly in rankings of presidents

02.23.00; Borders opens bilingual store in Puerto Rico

02.23.00; South African media battles racism probe

02.25.00; Subpoenas to South African editors may be withdrawn

02.25.00; Motorola, 19 content providers in WAP pact

02.28.00; Subpoenas to South African editors withdrawn

03.01.00; (Special section) Newspapers online: Old guard in a new medium

03.01.00; FTC, FCC issue dial-around ad rules

03.03.00; Senate panel to ponder rural TV loan bill

03.06.00; ABC wins February sweeps, NBC 2nd

03.07.00; Bush campaign finances still rule

03.08.00; Bliley says he will retire

03.09.00; Greeting cardsites get Valentine boost

03.10.00; Rural TV loan bill may go to Senate floor

03.11.00; Rural TV loan bills get closer to reality

03.15.00; National Book Critics Circle awards announced

03.16.00; Panel hears critics of rural loan programs

03.21.00; Paramount considers new ‘Star Trek’ series

03.23.00; More streamers join Arbitron’s web radio services

03.24.00; House panel passes USDA e-filing bill

03.27.00; Cisco bigger, maybe better, than Microsoft

03.27.00; FCC schedules workshop on phone bills

03.29.00; House panel delays low power FM radio

03.30.00; Liberty, CMGI take stakes in Primedia

03.31.00; Primedia to sell off 18 directories

04.01.00; (Special section) Web radio: Who’s watching and who’s listening?

04.11.00; House passes e-file bill

04.10.00; Albright lobbied on press freedom in Central Asia

04.12.00; Low power FM bill may go to House floor

04.12.00; Judge throws out Holocaust denial libel suit

04.13.00; Congress mulls religious-broadcasting bills

04.14.00; House panels wants FTC data on online pharmacies

04.14.00; WAN to meet with South African president

04.17.00; Rural TV loan guarantee bills passes House

04.18.00; Go triples its visitors from February to March

04.19.00; FCC bickers over Indian phone plan publicity

04.19.00; FCC sets up new NCE license process

04.25.00; Primedia Q1 loss improves

04.26.00; AMFM shareholders OK Clear Channel merger

04.26.00; FCC to hold forum on ‘report card’

04.26.00; Human Rights watch blasts Serbia

04.27.00; Giuliani has prostate cancer

04.28.00; Court affirms FCC ban on long distance tariffs

05.05.00; Is Syrian editor free or inprison?

05.09.00; House considers bills on charges on web, mobile

05.09.00; Panel to vote on religious broadcasting bill

05.12.00; House panel OKs bill to thwart imaginary ‘Schnell’

05.15.00; House to vote Tuesday on web access charges

05.17.00; House committee passes NCE bill

05.19.00; What happens to Guiliani’s money?

05.23.00; Rights group say Serbian repression rises

# # # © 2000 Media Central, an IndustryClick community. All rights reserved. Permission to repost article granted by IndustryClick.


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